Friday, January 25, 2008


Other people are required to blog, strictly for my amusement. This decree has been handed down as of today. Hurrah!

Also - started and finished the brilliant Peter and the Starcatchers yesterday. I think I liked him better as Black Stache than his current moniker.....

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Two weeks into the new year: a list of totals

Time taken off from work to help with Mom after her surgery: One week

Size of Mom's ovarian cyst: About the size of a grapefruit or a kaiser roll

Do I have a picture of it? Yes, but not sharing online due to disgusting contents.

Weight gained since Jan 1: Four and a half pounds

Where it came from: apparently fat particles fly through the air and attach themselves to me. Also, possibly fast food dependency.

Progress on knitting projects: an inch and a half into a pair of socks, a foot of garter-stripe scarf, a fully formed pattern in my head but a moderate determination to finish outstanding WIPs (and one promised gift!) before I start anything new. Even a Knit-a-long.

Yarn purchases: Two balls of ribbon yarn at dollar store

Yarn I wanted to purchase: More than you can possibly imagine, unless you knit, then yes, THAT much.

Clothes ruined during painting Z's house: one pair jeans, one t-shirt, one bra. Underwear and socks shockingly unscathed.

Has he moved in yet? No.

Speculative date of his moving in: Jan 20

Actual date: May be February at this rate

Days late on car payment: two

Days until I get paid: one

Days until Dad's birthday: two

Gift ideas: zero

Holiday photos uploaded to computer: 69

Times I laughed at that: once

Months I've been low on black ink: two, and I can still just squeak out my work papers every cycle anyway. My faxes are still, apparently, legible.

Resolutions partially accomplished: I am re-enrolling in school this week. With a semester's worth of credits left to earn before my bachelor's, it's stupid to not continue.

Number of cavities at Kid's dental checkup: zero

How proud am I of him? Immeasurable

Days missed using Brain Age 2: one, and seeing the little pixel-doctor's frown of disappointment was hilariously encouraging.

Brain Age, according to the software: 28

Actual Age: 30

Desire to refer to myself as 28: Meh.

Old friends contacting me through Facebook: one

Happy to see this person? HELL, yes. :)

Shock at seeing measurements for bridesmaid dress: None

Still want to change them? Yep. They're kinda huge.

Plans for diet/exercise? None yet

How to lose weight then? Sheer force of will, and/or reliance on stomach viruses. (totally kidding)

How much of this post is serious? Enough.