Friday, August 31, 2007

Diverted text

This was originally going to be posted in the forums at, but I was foiled by a technical difficulty. So, it's here, where I'll cross-link to it later.

I think I may have something here. You don't see a whole lot of kids' sock patterns out there in the wide world, and a mistake in design may have led me to make some great cabled socks for my son. I had the first one finished ages ago, but then I lost one of my size-0 circulars. Last night, I figured, hell with it, and cast on the second with my dpns. Now, it's been months since I did the first, and I have the attention span of a gnat, so I'm happy I wrote everything down. If the second one looks just like the first when I finish, I'll know it's a good pattern, and I'll share it with you guys in my blog.

So yay! New socks for all!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mini-post for now

I just feel it is important to let the world at large know that


Tuesday, August 28, 2007


The camping was brief, but a nice exit from reality for a while. Kiddo had so much fun picking blueberries and going to the zoo, and we rode on the little golf cart just for fun, and there were margaritas by the campfire at night... ah! I punked out a bit yesterday, what with being miserable and not having slept much, so after Seeking Out Discount Stores™, I took a nap, and rejoined the world next to the fire pit for supper and s'mores. Oh boy! I got to share a bed with Kiddo in the trailer - a full-size lower bunk, not bad, with a down blanket. (He says, "It's a giant pillow!) Today was the zoo, Local Diner Inspection, and Futzing About before we underwent the long drive home.

Ever notice how random capitalization of phrases makes things seem more exciting?

No superhero theory tonight; just a note that Kiddo thinks my assortment of powers is lame. But then, he thinks Aqua-man is cool, so I'm not taking it personally.

It's Z's first full day at government training, he reports that it has rained, and he was offered a free bicycle. Also, lots of paperwork. *sigh* It's still good to hear from him. I bought him a present. I can't tell what it is (he may end up reading this!) but it's pretty awesome.

I'm making amigurumi veggies to kill time. No patterns; just making it up as I go along. I'll post photos eventually, if I remember.

And what does the title of this post have to do with anything? I have "The Mesopotamians" by TMBG stuck in my head. It's not 700 hobo names (thank goodness), but it's super-catchy and I can't wait to buy the t-shirt.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Packing things

Aside from not using newspaper, it's pretty much impossible to keep your hands from becoming coal-black when you wrap things up for packing. I was as dark as a Mignola comic. Whoo.

The kid is on his way to camping with my mom, and I don't get to join them until tomorrow. However, this is Z's last night here before he's gone for THREE AND A HALF STINKING MONTHS, so I should probably enjoy the short time we have left today and tomorrow.

Some people ask how I can stand it. Well, it's not as if I can dictate what he has to do for work, I just have to deal with it. We're going to try to visit each other at least once a month, and will write and e-mail as needed,and we still both have phones, so it's just the actually-seeing-each-other-in-person-and-all-that-entails that'll be missing.

Granted, that is the best part. Also, we'll be apart for our four-year anniversary, which hurts. But we'll be okay.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

I just realized something

If I keep posting like this, the title of this blog will be a blatant lie! It's not nice to lie to the people, is it? So, let's just assume it's humorously ironic. Also, sooner or later, I'm going to end up posting knitting stuff in here. Maybe the knitting content will be the infrequent portion of our program.

I've been fussing with the layout a little bit. I still haven't quite figured out how to change some sections, but I'm getting there.

To Do:
Pack for camping (self and kid)
Help boyfriend get ready to move
Go to work
Finish second sock and second glove
Clean out car

Friday, August 24, 2007

Swiped from a knitblogger.... and more on heroes

First off, every one say hi to qutecowgirl, from whose blog this meme was nabbed.

.... I only say "fart" once? That's not like me one bit. I'm generally a not safe for work little potty-mouth. I mean, I can cuss up a blue streak, especially when I've had a few. Maybe I'm more polite when I type it out? That's my theory; I'm nicer on paper. Yay.

Back on the superhero front!

Once the powers are chosen/granted/discovered via a surprisingly non-lethal getting run over by twelve tractor-trailers and an angry moose, and one decides to live the life of fighting Eeeeeeevil™, how exactly is the heroic alter ego's name chosen?

There are options; you can base it on the powers themselves, either specifically (like Green Lantern and his.... green lantern. Ok, so it's a ring lately, but you get the idea.) or by allusion. The Flash comes to mind as an example of the latter. Sure, his blinding speed does make him go by in a "Flash" (har har), but his hero name could just as easily be given to a hero with the power to blind the enemy with bright flashes of light (although he'd more likely call himself Captain Paparazzo or something) or one with a distressing tendency to expose himself to unsuspecting citizens.

Sometimes inspiration comes from elsewhere. Batman chose the symbol of the bat because of the fear it strikes into the heart of evil-doers, not because he sleeps upside-down in a cave and finds criminals by means of echolocation. No matter how cool that would be.

Others are a bit more generic. Yes, Superman and Wonder Woman and even Ultraman; their names work, but they're also extremely generic. It's like calling yourself Admiral Awesome. It gets the point across, but no one really knows what you actually *do*.

Now, on to the imaginary hero I'm cooking up here. With my chosen powers of teleportation, animal communication and shapeshifting, powers obtained via aliens and/or magic.... right. I can't think of anything. Alas! The city goes unprotected while I wander around trying to figure out what moniker to slap on my contact cards. It's important to make it sound impressive. No city wants to be saved by Tele-shift DooLittle, after all.

New favorite

Yep.... it's official.

I ♥ Nerima Daikon Brothers. As of this point in time, it's edged Saiyuki and Excel Saga out of their tied-for-first position on my "favorite anime programs" list. I even love the theme song - the original and English dub versions.

I'm either incredibly easily impressed, or this show has a little extra special something to it.

special bonus info I dug up!!!!
Shigeru Matsuzaki, who provides the lead character's voice (Hideki, who apparently there is NO FAN LOVE for, except for me, sigh), also performed vocals on the Katamari Damacy soundtracks. Ah, Katamari Damacy strikes again, who knows where it'll pop up next?

Heroes - not the TV show

It's difficult to decide what kind of superpowers one would choose for oneself, if given the option. I know, most superhero origin stories don't allow for picking and choosing of super-human abilities, but what would an optimal assortment of powers be for a unique hero, without just lifting the entire skillset from an existing hero?

Me, I'd opt for communication with animals, shapeshifting (mass-limited), and teleportation. Not a very human-based set of abilities, and not something that I can see as being granted via earthly science, this would plead a magic- or alien-based origin story. I dig the idea of off-worldly origins, even if Supes has this category made more or less cliche.

I'll come back to this later.

out of nowhere

I have decided that glasses make most guys cuter.

Carry on.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Two in two days? That makes this a daily!

Just to get in the habit of writing more often, a few thoughts:

"Rat Patrol" would make a kick-ass level on Guitar Hero. Even if it resides in bonus-song-Land like Trogdor. I wish there was a way to use your own music, create your own levels for it. There is something like that for DDR fans; Dance Factory gives uneven results, but you can dance to the Katamari Damacy soundtrack if you want. Oh Em Gee, indeed.

Speaking of Trogdor, I wonder if it's too soon to request the Homestar Runner DVDs for Christmas? Hmmmm..... Or even just a hoodie. Whatever. I'll pick up my own when I have money. In 2014.

I'm probably going to buy the car I've been leasing. It's used, but I know the one owner, and she took pretty okay care of it.... at least I know *exactly* what I'm getting into.

I'm depressed and angry at everything and everybody. So, after I drop Z off at the airport on Monday? Camping. With people who will make me margaritas.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Breaking in

Just wanted to start this up, while waiting for my work website to connect. :)

I'm not even sure *why* I set up yet another blog, since I have (currently inactive) accounts on Livejournal and MySpace and even keep a teensy one on OKCupid. (To be fair, I set up that one to play the comparing games with my boyfriend. But he won't play. Not his fault, his computer died. But still!) The social networking aspects of those sites tend to put me under a little pressure, though. This form of blogging allows for less drama.

Especially when you tell no one it exists. (or very very few, for that matter).

I may post about knitting, I may actually write for a change, who knows. Most who find this will do so by accident. But welcome, regardless of how you got here.