Friday, April 4, 2008

A purge of the old stuff

And I don't mean bulimia. *laugh* No, I just went and deleted my old MySpace and LiveJournal accounts. Yes, all of them. Even the craft journal and the kid's stuff. I wasn't using the sites for anything, after all, and that's just from a different era in my life. I'm moving on.

That, and I've actually started, for the first time in my life, regularly exercising. Every day. For forty minutes. Go me. It's been a full week and I haven't wanted to quit or anything, even when my mother walked in on me doing a hilarious yoga pose. It was pretty funny. Oh man. :)

Haven't been writing much lately, not much story material has been , erm, materializing lately. Getting some knitting done, though, and have made progress on socks and a cute doll and some bag projects. Woo!

I'll have to add the new stuff to my ravelry later, but for now, I procrastinate.

And here's a new photo, just to have an image in the post. Yay, content!

Z does the *best* evil eyebrows ever.

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