Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Adventures in crafting. Again.

I made my own hand-dyed yarn yesterday. For the first time ever. I know, I'm awesome.

I used Fisherman's Wool for my base, and Kool-Aid for the dye. Grape and Cherry, if you care. :) It still smells a little fruity-sweet. When we laid it out and dyed it, the Kid and I made alternating bands of red and purple, but we muddled it a bit when we put it in the microwave to heat it. It still came out beautifully, though. Look!

My hands are still purply-red. But I don't really care... it was a lot of fun, and I officially have started looking for different colors of Kool-Aid to try it again. (There only seems to be Grape, Cherry, and Lemonade available in the local supermarkets. Sad, I know.) I have most of the skein of Fisherman's Wool left...

This lil' ball will end up being at least part of a hat. I keep picking it up and petting it and smelling it. Hi, I'm weird. :) I hope to do a semi-solid purple to pair it with so it doesn't have to be a teensy lil' hat.

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