Friday, October 5, 2007

Do Not Call.... please....

So, we submitted my cell phone number to the National Do Not Call registry this week. I have never received any unsolicited calls on my phone, but we figured we would take that precaution. It takes 31 days for the service to "take", at which point phone solicitors are not allowed to call.

Today - my phone begins ringing at 8:51 with a number I don't recognize. I research the area code online - Los Angeles. Hm. I know it's not my brother, because he would leave a voice mail, and he wouldn't be up that early in the morning in his timezone. Between that time and noon, I get calls from this number 10 times. Four times the first hour, three an hour afterwards. So, I look up the number online, and apparently it's a VERY aggressive telemarketer, with multiple complaints against it. Finally, I pick up, and they're looking for a Nicole somebody. The noise in the background sounds like a busy call center, too. So, I tell them it's the wrong number (I am not, nor are any of my family members, a Nicole.) and hope it's the last I hear from them.

Which is all well and good. But I just got another unknown number on my phone (area code search this time leads to Staten Island) and if this keeps up I may just turn the phone off.

I should also point out that, aside from a few wrong numbers (there's this one person who repeatedly wrong-numbers me. I could kill, especially that one time he called after midnight. You just don't do that.), I have NEVER, until this point, recieved any calls from telemarketers/phone solicitors/etc on this number. They all started when I signed up for the Do Not Call registry.

Kind of makes you wonder.

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