Monday, October 8, 2007

Photos out the wazoo

So, it's about time there was more than Just Plain Text all the time.

From New Hope: the first pic is on the bridge through town, the girls were looking at the ducks in the river, and it was just perfect, the way everyone was lined up. So, "Hey, look over here!" *click* The second one was at our dinner at Wildflowers. The very charming maitre'd snapped that photo for us. I was rocking pigtails for the first time in a long time. :)

Ah, spaces in faces..... the loss of the Kiddo's second tooth was widely celebrated. He lost it just before breakfast, and insisted I take his picture right away! I don't know why he wanted his glasses off for the photo, but he does look adorable anyway. The second was just fun with sprite manipulation. Kiddo and I made avatars of ourselves (modified from a Capcom Cards game, I forget which one, but I had the sprites saved in a misc. folder in my pictures) and printed them out.

And Also - the socks I designed for the Kid are finished, he wore them to school (before the current unseasonal heat wave, wtf with that) and told me they were comfy. Yay! I shall post the pattern.... eventually.

Walking with Dinosaurs. If you get a chance to go, GO. It is simply amazing. Even if you can see the little go-cart thingies that make the dinos move about the arena. Don't care. Still magical. Go go go go gogogo. It's informational, it's scary(ish), it's funny, it's sweet (Baby T-Rex gives many AWWWWW moments), it's great. The Kid and I LOVED it. We also spent far too much on t-shirts and toys, but really, everyone does need a T-Rex head with fiber-optic lights coming out of the top.

That should be enough for now, don't you think?

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