Sunday, May 11, 2008

Thinking about Thelma.

Still need to work a bit more on Thelma and what else I want to do with her. Initially, I was going to go into her background as a young Monster Hunter, and how her pals were some of her wacky sidekicks, etc., but then it occurred to me that it wouldn't be as much fun as it is with her as she is now.

Old Ladies Fighting the Undead. It's a new fiction genre that I'm starting up. Anyone else does it, they gotta report to me.

Why this is great: Consider that the characters are facing their own mortality as well; the risk of turning is more *real* to you when it's more than just battle accidents and dismemberment that'll make your protagonists fall. Imagine seeing your recently deceased friends up and about and eating brains. It's more likely for the old than it is for the young, if you think about it. Having dead friends, not eating brains.

Why do these things come to me when I should be doing work for school? Sigh.

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