Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Finished things, things in progress, things yet to be done

That's a generic title for ya. Woo!

I finished grafting the toe on the kid's second sock yesterday. They're finally done! I'm going to give them a spin through the wash (and wait for cooler weather) before he wears them anywhere, but they look fantastic. I also finished the first of a pair of Monkeys. I think when I remake these for my mother, I'll substitute a short-row heel, only because I dislike the look of heel flaps. I guess I'm just picky like that. Pictures are when my lazy butt actually decides to take them.... :)

I recently reread all six of my Jasper Fforde books. (The first four Thursdays and the first two NCDs, for the curious.) Out of order. Purposely. I like seeing where things that happen in the earlier books go to in the later ones, and reading them out of sequence makes the setups more visible. I like that. Fforde's a great writer; I hold him to the same high standards that I do Pratchett. He assumes that his reader knows what he's talking about when he makes out-of-the-ordinary references; does that make sense? It's not pandering to the lowest common denominator, which I can't stand. (See also: why I don't read romance novels) His books make you want to enthusiastically tackle the classics.

On the stove, right now, a pot of chicken rice soup is simmering. I made a roast chicken last night, and purposely chose side dishes that would work well in soup. (Except for the apple/raisin/onion stuffing inside the bird; does not translate well to broth-based dishes, lemme tell ya.) So tonight's meal is last night's, with extra water. Yay, I suppose. At least it's fast leftover turnaround, so there's no chance of developing Nasty Fungal Growths while in Refrigerator Limbo.

I finally started assembling my knitted backpack I started last summer. I hope I can actually finish it by winter. It's Mega Man, after all; how much would it rock to actually use it? :)

The shirt that I wanted to get my brother for Christmas is no longer available in his size. Boo! I don't know whether to get a medium and hope he hasn't eaten all month, or just chalk it up as a loss and think of something else.

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