Tuesday, September 18, 2007

While I wait for things to print out....

I have a whole lot of paperwork printing at this moment.... ah, the fun of my job, it's so... something something something. Actually, I rather enjoy it, but I'm setting up Holiday displays in my stores (Holiday displays? and summer isn't officially even over yet.... sigh....) and they require several million pages of planogram each, so I sit patiently while good ol' DJ (that's DeskJet for the rest of ya) cranks out page after page in draft mode so I can actually get moving some time this week.

Went to New Hope with the girls this past weekend. It was a blast - I hadn't had a girls' day in such a long time, and it was a relief to just head out and check out ten gazillion shops and things. Yay. There's this one place, I forget the name, they charge twenty cents admission to get into the store - but you do get a lucky pig. I kid you not. It's in my wallet right now. It was well worth it; it was a thrift shop, but the best possible kind. There were action figures and lunchboxes and silly things along with the expected vintage clothing and kick-ass hats and the like. I found what appeared to be an Emerald City Guard uniform on a costume rack, many Hefner-esque men's dressing gowns, and The Greatest Pants Ever - white corduroy with aqua and lime animal print. And what did I buy? A figurine of Arthur from the Tick. For three bucks, only! A fine addition to the toy collection. A shop right next to a "magic supplies" store sells some of the best organic coffee I've ever had. There's a bookstore that had another dimension - I swear I entered L-space at one point. We went to a restaurant called Wildflowers, which serves a combination of Mexican, Italian, Thai, and American food. Since there was four of us.... let's just say we covered the gamut. It was a blast, and the desserts were great.

Looks like I'm getting toward the end of the stack of papers here. Good timing, too - my black ink seems to be running low.

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