Friday, September 28, 2007

I'm updating away from home!

It's just that I never do this anywhere other than sitting on my bed, and it's a novelty.

I'm at my friend's house, waiting for her cousin to get here so we can go to a birthday dinner. Yay, birthdays! But the cousin is stuck in traffic, we think. Boo, stuck! It's hard to tell; we can't get through on the cell. So, we wait and I putz around in the office. Indifference!

I'm really just doing this from here so the blog shows up in the visited history and she'll be able to find it again. Because I'm bad about forwarding my address to people.

Ulterior motives, much?

edit - because it's (forty-five minutes past) midnite! The cousin never showed up, so we had a local do at the Cheesecake Factory instead of going all the way to P.F. Chang's. Still fun. They write "Happy Birthday To You" in flavored syrup around your dessert when you're the birthday person, apparently. Too Cute. J enjoyed her (literary-themed) gifts, too.

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