Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cheap shopping. WOO HOO!

Okay, it's yarn-related, and boring to non-knitters. Might even be boring to other knitters. This is just a warning. See? I can let you know ahead of time.

For those still reading.... all one of you.... hi. I swung by Jo-Ann's today, just to see what was in stock because, after all, there's no shame in expanding the stash when you find decent stuff on the cheap.

I did.

There were these knitting gift packs, complete with circular needle, crochet hook, and all that happy stuff, and four decent sized balls of either variegated or self-striping wool yarn, and they were marked down to eight bucks. Whee! I got one in a blue-yellow-grey colorway, and one in an extremely girly red-pink-PINK one. Also, they had a sale on Paton's Classic Wool, which I love, so I got two balls. Total spent? Twenty-five bucks after tax, and I got ten balls of feltable loveliness. Oh, baby.

I've been on Ravelry an awful lot lately - I love love LOVE browsing the UGHs. Nothing like enjoying other people's knitting disappointment, eh?

Also, on a non-fiber topic, classes start super-soon. Huzzah!

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