Friday, February 1, 2008

Quite productive, knitting-wise

So I've gone ahead and finished a few projects, only one of which was in the "Please finish these before you die" pile. Let me show you some pictures, world.

First, a cute handbag made with some "vintage" (read: old) wool I had in my stash, with a design done in ribbon yarn. I used the Vertigo pattern for this, and so should you. The second is a hat I made for the Kid, who is currently very into Flags. From all countries. And states. And any other thing that requires a flag. He loves them. And I love him. So he has a flag hat.

The next two are close-ups of an item I just sent off as a gift, so no full images in this space just yet. (Ravelry, on the other hand, has them. Bwa ha.) But suffice to say it's cool as all hell.

I'd also write something, but my brain's going a mile a minute right now and it's hard to keep up with myself. But I'm back in school starting super-soon, and it's a wonderful thing. Also, looking forward to Valentimes.

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