Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Have a Hug.

There seems to be a large amount of disgust concerning tomorrow, Valentine's Day. I can understand this. It's a day originally intended to honor a saint (the church has about ninety zillion of these; I think it's more unusual to have a day that doesn't honor a saint or something, but I digress) that has been changed into a huge money-making marketing machine. Granted, every holiday has, in case you haven't noticed, but I agree that commercializing days is a bad idea in general. And then there are those that say it makes singles feel inadequate. Well, on my single V-days, I give presents to my family, and they tend to give better chocolates than any of my boyfriends ever have. Okay, it seems to celebrate coupledom and all that entails, and there is no equivalent for those who aren't tied down. I get it. It's depressing as all hell. But that's only if you let it be.

I figure, let it be a day that celebrates love, in all its forms. Get a heart-shaped rawhide for your dog! Call Grandma and tell her she's a sweetie! Take advantage of next-day, 50% off chocolate assortments! You deserve it! Rent some horrible movies and stay in with some popcorn and a box of tissues (weeping for girls, wanking for guys, either way, you'll need 'em.) Get wasted on REALLY good wine with your best friends. Whatever. Just don't hate the day for what its become, hate society for encouraging it. Share some love, instead! And pass the truffles.

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