Saturday, December 29, 2007

Brief and to the point

Not words I would usually apply to my writing, but, ehn.

Christmas was wonderful. I have two projects outstanding, but at least those who are getting them know that they're coming, so that's not so bad. The Kid was simply awesome this year - he opened every gift like it was the greatest ever, and although he did have some clear favorites (A to Z Mysteries, Sonic action figures, the gift card that allowed him to buy His Very Own DS), his responses were so over the moon for even mundane gifts. Six, I think, is the Best Age, but then, I say that every year.

I got to cook Christmas dinner this year, for the first time! We had ham, sweet potatoes (with marshmallow, yum!), green bean casserole, and veggie lasagna. And we also had leftovers.

As for my own best gifts? Having my family around me, spending a first Christmas with a good friend, watching the delight in the Kid's face.... oh yeah, and Metalocalypse season one, Danger Mouse, Brain Age 2, and the yearly gift of a Bag of New Underpants.

Gearing up for a difficult week ahead. However, if the first week of the year is going to be rough, then the rest should be okay, right?

Happy New Year if I don't post before then, all. :)


Qutecowgirl said...

OMG!!!! I LOVE Danger mouse. I use to watch DM every night on Nick. Ahh... memories - even my mom like DM.

My son is also 6 and I love how he opens everything like it is the best gift ever. He is also the one who loves to get knitted stuff. The last pair of sock he wore as much as he could and wore them out. =)

Happy New Year!!

Heather said...

Memories of Dangermouse are flooding me! My sister insisted on everyone calling her Penfold for a year! I agree, there's nothing better than kids at Christmas!

xoxo Heather (knitobsession)