Monday, December 3, 2007

Work in Progress

An iPod sock. Oh yeah! Like everyone and their mom hasn't tried to make one of these!

You do it too, so I'm not alone. It'll fit a nano. When I figure out the larger versions, I'll be sure to add them in. ^.^

You need:
small amount of (self striping, naturally) sock yarn.
Three size 1 dpns
one size 2 or 3 dpn
one small button
thread to match/clash with your sock yarn & button
size d crochet hook

Gauge - 8 st/inch. row gauge not really important.

Dimensions: while laid flat, 2 inches wide by about three-and-a-quarter inches or so high.

Cast on 32 stitches on your larger needle, and VERY CAREFULLY slip every other stitch onto two separate dpns. In other words, you're taking the cast-on stitches from the big needle, and you slip the first onto one smaller needle, the second onto another smaller needle, the third onto the first smaller needle, etc., until all stitches have been transferred.

Now, start working in the round! Knit around and around in plain old boring stockinette until the sock is as tall as your nano. Three and a half inches, if you're keeping track. Knit another round or three to make it pull comfortably over the top, then bind off on one needle only.

Work flat on second needle for about an inch, inch and a half, then bind off (You may want to work this in seed stitch or some other non-rolling stitch, or block the hell out of it). With the crochet hook, chain a few stitches to make a loop, and attach to the center of the flap. Sew a button on the sock, just where the loop on the flap would reach to, and make sure the loop fits over the button. I cannot stress this enough, as the button and loop should be working in total effing harmony.

That's all. Go weave in your ends. You're done. You can block if you want to, but you probably don't.


Anonymous said...

LMAO!!! I just wanted to say that I have been looking for a decent pattern for my nano for ages and while true that there are a million out there, there are very few actual good ones. I can't wait to make this! And may I also say that your pattern description had me giggling furiously!! Thank you for the pattern and the humour! :-D

Periwinkle Pete said...

This looks very cute, and I've got three kids with nanos.

Norwood Knitter/Periwinkle Pete--depending on where you are.