Saturday, December 15, 2007

Post 50!

Is this cause for excitement? Couldn't say.

Z is back home. THAT is cause for excitement. Hooray!

Things are.... tense, between the holidays and everything else going on. Superpowers would help immensely.

Here's hoping things go well for the rest of the year, and the times ahead....

Next post will be fun, I'll try and make sure of that. Tonight I feel like being vague and gloomy. Except for the previously mentioned hooray. That was genuine. It's nice to have a few bright spots in the dark, isn't it? I just wish both of my bright spots could've been home this weekend.... but one out of two isn't bad. Actually, there's some more good stuff - my mother doesn't have cancer. Did I mention that before? I may have. Well, that's another bright spot. I guess overall, there's plenty of good to offset the bad, but why does the bad stick so fiercely with us, and the good seem to flicker past?

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