Friday, December 7, 2007

Some days are up

And some days are down.

This is a down day.

Tomorrow, my mother is scheduled for a CT scan to find out whether the growth in her abdomen is cancerous, or just another weird fibroid like the ones she's had on and off throughout her life, and I don't know how to deal with it either way. She'll need surgery no matter what, and it's not going to be easy or fun over here for a while. I'm going through some baloney with the Kid's father, and our court date is fast approaching. The little guy's birthday is soon, too, and his party's this weekend, and I still need to pick up some last-minute party goodies, bake a cake, and make goodies to bring to school for the big day itself. And Christmas - don't talk to me about Christmas! If I had another month, I'd be close to being ready on time. I'm wound up emotionally and hormonally from an early period this month. I need to get Z's bed in place, at least, for when he gets home next week. (And he's carrying his own burdens lately!) Laundry must get done. Work needs to be done. I can;t find a stack of very important paperwork, which I may have purged in my recent "Let's Get Rid Of The Extra Paper So That The Desk Isn't A Fire Hazard" binge. And to be honest, what I want to do is just sit down and knit something - anything - to recenter myself.

Yarn as therapy? I hope.

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