Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Breaking in

Just wanted to start this up, while waiting for my work website to connect. :)

I'm not even sure *why* I set up yet another blog, since I have (currently inactive) accounts on Livejournal and MySpace and even keep a teensy one on OKCupid. (To be fair, I set up that one to play the comparing games with my boyfriend. But he won't play. Not his fault, his computer died. But still!) The social networking aspects of those sites tend to put me under a little pressure, though. This form of blogging allows for less drama.

Especially when you tell no one it exists. (or very very few, for that matter).

I may post about knitting, I may actually write for a change, who knows. Most who find this will do so by accident. But welcome, regardless of how you got here.

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