Tuesday, August 28, 2007


The camping was brief, but a nice exit from reality for a while. Kiddo had so much fun picking blueberries and going to the zoo, and we rode on the little golf cart just for fun, and there were margaritas by the campfire at night... ah! I punked out a bit yesterday, what with being miserable and not having slept much, so after Seeking Out Discount Stores™, I took a nap, and rejoined the world next to the fire pit for supper and s'mores. Oh boy! I got to share a bed with Kiddo in the trailer - a full-size lower bunk, not bad, with a down blanket. (He says, "It's a giant pillow!) Today was the zoo, Local Diner Inspection, and Futzing About before we underwent the long drive home.

Ever notice how random capitalization of phrases makes things seem more exciting?

No superhero theory tonight; just a note that Kiddo thinks my assortment of powers is lame. But then, he thinks Aqua-man is cool, so I'm not taking it personally.

It's Z's first full day at government training, he reports that it has rained, and he was offered a free bicycle. Also, lots of paperwork. *sigh* It's still good to hear from him. I bought him a present. I can't tell what it is (he may end up reading this!) but it's pretty awesome.

I'm making amigurumi veggies to kill time. No patterns; just making it up as I go along. I'll post photos eventually, if I remember.

And what does the title of this post have to do with anything? I have "The Mesopotamians" by TMBG stuck in my head. It's not 700 hobo names (thank goodness), but it's super-catchy and I can't wait to buy the t-shirt.

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