Friday, August 24, 2007

Swiped from a knitblogger.... and more on heroes

First off, every one say hi to qutecowgirl, from whose blog this meme was nabbed.

.... I only say "fart" once? That's not like me one bit. I'm generally a not safe for work little potty-mouth. I mean, I can cuss up a blue streak, especially when I've had a few. Maybe I'm more polite when I type it out? That's my theory; I'm nicer on paper. Yay.

Back on the superhero front!

Once the powers are chosen/granted/discovered via a surprisingly non-lethal getting run over by twelve tractor-trailers and an angry moose, and one decides to live the life of fighting Eeeeeeevil™, how exactly is the heroic alter ego's name chosen?

There are options; you can base it on the powers themselves, either specifically (like Green Lantern and his.... green lantern. Ok, so it's a ring lately, but you get the idea.) or by allusion. The Flash comes to mind as an example of the latter. Sure, his blinding speed does make him go by in a "Flash" (har har), but his hero name could just as easily be given to a hero with the power to blind the enemy with bright flashes of light (although he'd more likely call himself Captain Paparazzo or something) or one with a distressing tendency to expose himself to unsuspecting citizens.

Sometimes inspiration comes from elsewhere. Batman chose the symbol of the bat because of the fear it strikes into the heart of evil-doers, not because he sleeps upside-down in a cave and finds criminals by means of echolocation. No matter how cool that would be.

Others are a bit more generic. Yes, Superman and Wonder Woman and even Ultraman; their names work, but they're also extremely generic. It's like calling yourself Admiral Awesome. It gets the point across, but no one really knows what you actually *do*.

Now, on to the imaginary hero I'm cooking up here. With my chosen powers of teleportation, animal communication and shapeshifting, powers obtained via aliens and/or magic.... right. I can't think of anything. Alas! The city goes unprotected while I wander around trying to figure out what moniker to slap on my contact cards. It's important to make it sound impressive. No city wants to be saved by Tele-shift DooLittle, after all.

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